Different ways to trigger the shutter

How to Trigger the shutter with Your Smartphone

In the digital age, our smartphones have become our constant companions, ready to capture every special moment at a moment’s notice. But have you ever wondered about the different ways you can actually trigger the shutter on your smartphone?

Whether you’re an iOS or Android user, fear not! We’ve got you covered with a variety of options to help you capture those beautiful photos.


1. Tap the Screen

The most common method to trigger the shutter on both iOS and Android smartphones is by simply tapping the button on the screen. Just like selecting an app icon or typing a message, tapping the screen focuses and captures the shot.

It’s like giving your phone a gentle pat on the back to let it know it’s time to take a photo. So, whether you’re in the middle of a sunset, or capturing action-packed moments, tapping the on-screen button is as easy as pie.


2. Use the Volume Buttons

If you find it awkward to tap the screen to take a photo, another option to trigger the shutter, is to use the volume buttons on your smartphone.

Imagine you’re holding a compact camera, where the volume buttons act as the physical shutter button. With a simple click, you can capture memorable moments without jiggling your device, allowing for a steadier shot.

Trigger the shutter with the volume button

So, next time you’re out and about, give those volume buttons a gentle squeeze, and voila – a perfectly timed photo.


3. Voice Commands

Did you know that your smartphone can actually listen to your commands and snap a photo when you say the magic word?

Both iOS and Android devices support voice commands to trigger the shutter. It’s like having your own personal photo assistant, ready to capture memories at the sound of your voice.

Just say “cheese” or any other keyword you’ve set up, and your phone will do the rest. It’s perfect for taking selfies or group shots when you want to be in the frame without the hassle of handling your phone.


4. Timer Mode

There may be times when you want to take a photo without physically touching your phone, especially if you’re setting up a tripod or need a longer exposure for low-light conditions. This is where the timer mode comes in handy.

Trigger the shutter with the timer

By setting a delay of a few seconds, you can trigger the shutter remotely, giving you enough time to strike a pose or step into the frame. Think of it like setting up a self-timer on a traditional camera – once the timer elapses, your smartphone will capture the shot on its own.

It’s perfect for capturing those family portraits or creative compositions!


5. Gesture Control (iOS)

If you’re an iOS user, your iPhone comes with a special feature called “Gesture Control” that allows you to trigger the shutter by simply waving your hand.

Picture this: you’re hiking up a trail and want to capture the breathtaking view, but your hands are full. Just give your iPhone a wave, and it will recognise your hand movement and snap a photo.

It’s like having a magic wand that captures memories with a flick of your wrist. So, embrace your inner magician and let the gestures work their magic!


6. Volume Button as a Remote (Android)

For Android users, there’s a fantastic option called ‘volume button as a remote’ that turns smartphone volume buttons into a remote shutter release.

Imagine you have your phone perched on a tripod, and you want to capture a group photo without rushing back and forth. Simply use another Android device, and press the volume buttons on that secondary device to capture the shot.

It’s like having a personal assistant who can click the shutter for you, even from a distance!

With these various ways to trigger the shutter on your smartphone, you’ll never miss a moment worth capturing. Whether you prefer tapping the screen, using the volume buttons, commanding your phone with your voice, utilising timer mode, or getting creative with gestures, your smartphone is equipped with the tools to help you snap stunning photos.

So, grab your smartphone, explore these options, and let your creativity take centre stage. Happy shooting!


7. Volume Button on your headphones

Much the same as using the volume button directly on your smartphone, you can also use the volume button on your headphones to trigger the shutter.

This gives you a way to trigger the shutter without touching your smartphone, when it’s on a tripod, etc.

Trigger the shutter with your headphone volume control



With the advancements in smartphone technology, capturing stunning photos has become much easier. Whether you use iOS or Android, there are multiple ways to trigger the shutter on your smartphone.

From tapping the screen, to using the volume buttons, commanding with your voice, utilising timer mode, or getting creative with gestures, you have various options to capture every precious moment.

So, grab your smartphone and start flexing your photography ‘muscles’. There’s a whole world of beautiful shots waiting for you to capture!

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