Is the selfie camera any good?

Is the Selfie Camera any good?

Well, ‘Good’ is subjective. But, there’s more to it than just being a convenient add-on.

Although the selfie camera on your smartphone was specifically designed for self-portraits and video calls, it’s not necessarily better than the rear camera in terms of overall quality.

But, the selfie camera does have advantages that make it more suitable for certain purposes. Here’s why:


Obviously, the selfie camera is located on the front of the phone. And that makes it easily accessible for capturing self-portraits without the need to flip the phone, or needing take a picture of yourself using a mirror.

It lets you to see yourself on the screen while taking the photo, so you can make sure you’re properly framed and in focus. This convenience is great for quick selfies, or video calls.

Making a video call
Image by Surprising Shots


Optimised for selfies:

The selfie camera’s typically designed with features and enhancements tailored for self-portraits. It often includes beauty filters, to smooth and soften your skin, and sometimes, even a front-facing flash to enhance your look.

By adding these features, your skin tone can improve, it’ll smooth out any imperfections, and enhance your overall appearance. That’s got to be a good thing, right? 🙂

Wide-angle lens:

Many smartphones have wide-angle lenses on the front camera. Having that lets you capture a broader field of view compared to the rear camera.

That’s very handy if you want take some group selfies on that day out, or for getting more of your surroundings in a self-portrait.

Photographing groups with selfie camera
Image by Surprising Shots


Real-time preview:

When you use the selfie camera, you can see yourself on the screen in real-time. Very handy, because you can adjust your pose, expression, or framing (ie your composition), to get the best image possible.

Selfie camera
Image by Sammy Sander


Having this ‘live preview’ feature makes it easier to capture the desired selfie, the first time around.

Video calls:

And finally, the most essential use for the selfie camera is for video calls. It allows the person you are speaking to, to see your face during the call.

What use is a video call, if you can’t see the person you’re talking too? A face-to-face interaction enables you to maintain eye contact with the person on the other end.


So, is the Selfie Camera any good?

Let’s have a quick summary…

Like everything in this life, the front camera on your smartphone has its place. The selfie camera is excellent at doing what it’s designed for… taking excellent selfies and making you look your best on video calls.

Because it’s just designed to do that well, it’s not as good as the rear camera is, at doing what the rear camera’s designed to do. Stands to reason, right?

So, it’s important to remember that the rear camera on a smartphone is intended for ‘proper‘ photography. Because of that, it usually offers higher resolution, more advanced sensors, and better image processing capabilities.

Generally, it’s more versatile and suitable for capturing a wide range of subjects and scenarios.

So, while the selfie camera has its advantages for self-portraits and video calls, the rear camera is generally better in terms of overall image quality and versatility.


Final thoughts:

The selfie camera is very good, when it’s used for the purpose it was designed for. If you’re taking images of anything else, you’re probably going to be better off using the rear cameras.

’till next time, stay sharp!



Featured image courtesy of Gracini Studios

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