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Except for the ‘rule of thirds‘, triangles are one of the most used tools in photography composition. But often you don’t recognise them at first.

Using a triangle to compose your photos is a simple and very effective way to make an image memorable.

Have a look at the images below, and try to work out which ones are using triangles in their composition.

triangle family group

triangle flowers

triangle woman and girl

triangle ingredients

triangle rabbit

triangle bird


So, how did you do? Did you notice that every single photograph was using triangles?

It’s true that some of them are easier to notice than others, but using a triangle in your composition makes the image seem comfortable and more natural.


Which of the following two photographs do you think looks best?


triangle girl straight

triangle girl group




When you put things into a triangle, they just look better.

So, now you know about using triangles, why not go out and see how many you can find? Triangles are literally everywhere. By using them in your photography, your photographs will always look much better.


Featured image courtesy of Jon Pauling

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