56 Autumn Photography Prompts

A photo project can be a wonderful way to capture the beauty and essence of the world around us. And at this time of year, what could be better than a selection of Autumn photography prompts to give you some inspiration.

By-the-way, it’s also a great way to learn about your smartphone camera’s capabilities.

So, here’s 56 autumn photography prompts to help you with this seasonal project.

Each category has a selection of autumn photography prompts for you to choose from. Choose one, or more each day, and let your imagination run wild!


Autumn Photography Prompts

Week 1: Capturing the Colours

Day 1: Vibrant Leaves
Day 2: Autumnal Landscapes
Day 3: Foliage Close-ups
Day 4: Autumn Fruits and Vegetables
Day 5: Golden Hour Magic
Day 6: Colourful Berries
Day 7: Changing Seasons

Autumn Photography Prompts - Lonely Leaf


Week 2: Cozy Autumn Vibes

Day 8: Sweaters and Scarves
Day 9: Hot Beverages
Day 10: Fireplace Warmth
Day 11: Pumpkin Patches
Day 12: Harvest Festivities
Day 13: Rustic Decor
Day 14: Autumn Fashion


Week 3: Nature’s Beauty

Day 15: Falling Leaves
Day 16: Reflections on Water
Day 17: Wildlife in Autumn
Day 18: Dewdrops on Leaves
Day 19: Misty Forests
Day 20: Spider Webs
Day 21: Mushrooms and Fungi


Week 4: Seasonal Delights

Day 22: Raking Leaves
Day 23: Keeping Warm
Day 24: Baking Autumn Treats
Day 25: Halloween Decorations
Day 26: Bonfires
Day 27: Seasonal Crafts
Day28: Autumn Sunsets


Week 5: Harvest Time

Day 29: Farmers’ Markets
Day 30: Hay Bales
Day 31: Scarecrows
Day 32: Autumn Bouquets
Day 33: Pumpkin Carving
Day 34: Harvest Moon
Day 35: Halloween Preparations

Autumn Photography Prompts - Smoking Pumpkin


Week 6: Moody and Mysterious

Day 36: Abandoned Places
Day 37: Rainy Days
Day 38: Silhouettes and Shadows
Day 39: Misty Mornings
Day 40: Loneliness of Autumn
Day 41: Haunted Locations
Day 42: Wonder and Amazement


Week 7: Autumn Textures

Day 43: Fallen Leaves Carpet
Day 44: Bark and Tree Textures
Day 45: Wool and Knitted Fabrics
Day 46: Raindrops on Surfaces
Day 47: Cracked Earth
Day 48: Harvested Fields
Day 49: Feather Details


Week 8: Capturing Emotions

Day 50: Reflection and Contemplation
Day 51: Excitement for Halloween
Day 52: Appreciation for Nature’s Beauty
Day 53: Cosiness and Comfort
Day 54: Nostalgia
Day 55: Gratitude for the Season
Day 56: Romance


Final Thoughts

Remember that these autumn photography prompts are only a guide to inspire you. If you live in the Southern Hemisphere, you’re probably just coming into Springtime.

I’ve tried to make the majority of the prompts suitable for the spring season as well. So, feel free to adjust the order, or swap prompts according to your preferences.

This plan should provide you with a diverse range of subject prompts to explore and capture the essence of autumn through your smartphone photography. Enjoy the project and have fun capturing the beauty of the season!

If you share your photos on Instagram, why not add the hashtag #SmartphonePhotographyUK?

Enjoy this project and we’ll chat soon!


Featured image courtesy of berkemeyer

The following photographers kindly provided imagery for this post:


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