Street photographers to follow on Instagram

Why Instagram?

When I first started to get involved in street and urban photography, I spent a long time looking for inspiration.

One of the first places I went to was Instagram.

Generally, photographers only show their best work on their website. But, I wanted to see the images that maybe weren’t their best, as well.

Inspiration comes in many forms and Insta seemed like a good starting point.


Who to choose

I wanted to see a cross-section of photographers, so I spent some time doing research before I went to Instagram.

The list below, covers a wide range of styles and techniques. After all they do say that “variety is the spice of (street) life” 🙂


The seven street photographers

Mike Peters

Mike’s Instagram feed is mostly colour images. He shoots a lot of candid street portraits in various situations and environments.

Mike Peters Instagram images
Images copyright Mike Peters

Follow Mike


Richard Bram

Many of Richard’s images are ‘snapshots in time’ of everyday life. There’s something for everyone.

Richard Bram's Instagram images
Images copyright Richard Bram

Follow Richard


David Gibson

David has quite an eclectic mix of images in his Instagram feed. He shoots in colour and black & white, depending on the image. And he covers many of the areas I feel make a great street image.

David Gibson's Instagram images
images copyright David Gibson

Follow David


Meg Hewitt

Meg’s prefers to shoot in black & white. Her images all have a very strong contrast, that gives them an ‘edgy’ feel. It’s definitely a technique that suits her style of photography.

Meg Hewitt's Instagram images
Images copyright Meg Hewitt

Follow Meg


Matt Stuart

This is another Instagram feed, where the images cover a number of different aspects of street photography.

Matt Stuart's Instagram images
Images copyright Matt Stuart

Follow Matt


Francesco Cremonese

Francesco shoots a lot of urban style photography, as well as street images. He has quite a unique style and often uses silhouette and shadow to create his ‘look’.

Francesco Cremonese's Instagram images
Images copyright Francesco Cremonese

Follow Francesco


Daniele Esposito

Daniele is another candid portrait street photographer. Her Instagram images in many cases, catch the subject just as they notice the camera.

Daniele Esposito's Instagram images
Images copyright Daniele Esposito

Follow Daniele


Next steps

Clearly, there are hundreds of street and urban photographers, who share their images on Instagram. This list shows just a few, that cover (almost) the full gamut of street photography.

Which photographers have you found, that inspire you. I’d love to know.





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