Keep a straight horizon


Why is keeping a straight horizon so important?

Some times when we’re taking photographs, the camera can be a bit wonky.

If you don’t hold the camera completely straight, your photo can look a bit weird.

In fact, when you look at the photo yourself, you might not even realise why it feels weird. You just know something’s not right.


Straight horizon
In this image, the horizon is straight


Wonky horizon
In this image the horizon isn’t straight. Even though it’s not out by much, the image doesn’t look quite right.


Keeping a straight horizon is one of the easiest composition tools to use, and it makes a huge difference.

And, pretty much every camera has the ability to make it very easy to do.

Every camera can be different. So, you might have to ask an adult to find it for you, but help is at hand.

There are two ways to make sure your horizon is straight.


1. Almost every camera will have a ‘rule of thirds’ grid. This tool puts a grid on your viewing screen that has two horizontal lines and two vertical lines.

You can use these horizontal lines to check that your horizon is straight.

Use a grid



2. Some cameras have a ‘level’ tool. This one puts a line on your screen, that turns green when the camera is straight.

Use a horizon guide


Whichever method you use, a straight horizon will give you a better photograph every time.



Featured image courtesy Fernando Zhiminaicela


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